Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let it all Go!

Sometimes we carry things in us that we got to let go. Boys, movie stars, things, food, etc... And want to hold on to those things/people as tight as we can. Well what if God wants us to hold on to him and let those things/people go??? What do we do? Well, sometimes we do, but usually we hold on tighter to those things! We like them, they make us happy! Well, God will always make us happy, we will always be content with God. Like can we get close to the "things" we like/love?? Well to a certain extent but they could break or leave us or get lost.. But guess what?? We can get as close to God as we want and he will never leave us, never break, never get lost, he'll always be there! Wow! So what makes us want to hold on to those things so much? Maybe because we can feel them, touch them, see them, and we can't really feel, touch, or see God. So we just keep them close but still have God there in case we need him...right?

Well, God wants us to develop such a love for him that it might seem like we can see him and touch him! And we can defintiely hear him! We just have to ask. God wants us to fill ours hearts full of him! Of course we can have things we like and enjoy but God doesn't want those things to consume us. He want to consume us and if we don't let him, he gets jealous! God is like a protective father or even kinda like a protective boyfriend. Have you ever had a boy get mad because you gave some attention to another guy? He gets mad, jealous. Our dads get jealous because some other guy is taking away his little girls heart and the father gets protective. Well, God is like that. He wants to be the only one! He doesn't want competition! He just wants YOU!

So, why do we fight it? Isn't there enough evedience that God wants us and loves us?? Like he died on the cross, he got whipped, beaten, spit on, mocked...all for us! For me personally that really makes me think, makes me realize that the things i'm holding on too aren't as important. So next time you dont want to let go of something/someone, give it to God and let him take care of it. God want to hold you, to love you, to let you know that your special! And let me tell you, no one or no thing on Earth can tell you that! Only God will make you feel truly special and loved! ♥♥

God Bless! ♥

Is it a Need or a Want??

We can't have everything we want but usually we can have everything we need! I seem to have had a sudden need for a ipod touch.... hmmmm.... Isn't weird how we think that way?? We have like everything compared to kids in Africa and we still want more! God wants us to be happy with what we have and not be always asking for more stuff we don’t really need!! Maybe next time I’m in need of a coffee, I’ll stop and think about what I can do w/ that money to help others?? But doing that doesn’t always make us happy; we’re just doing what we’re supposed to do because the Bible says it! Well, we are human so we do think like that but really we don’t always have to! God can put a yearning in our hearts to share, to give, and really we never know what could come out of that!

Do we like ever go to the mall and when we want something; do we sit down and pray? Do we ask God to tell us if we should by that? Usually we don’t…. we just go ahead with our gut feeling and either buy it or not. But I know from personal experience that buying something you just want, can lead to disappointment and feeling like you’ve wasted your money on a piece of junk…. So next time you not sure, stop and think, pray and you never know what could come out of that!

God Bless! ♥♥♥♥

Crazy Love ♥

God's love for us is crazy. We can't always imagine how crazy it really is...God's love is so crazy he is willing to die for us! Willing to hang on a cross; willing to get beaten and mocked, willing to do ALL that for us! Isn't that amazing!!! Do we ever thank him for that love? Do we ever notice how wonderful it is? Sometimes, we do but mostly just take it for granted...

Have you ever watched Spiderman? Well, in Spiderman, at one point he loses his powers. He loses his web, his sticky hands, he loses his confidence. So he "retires" from being Spiderman for a while. The people of the city are so used to see him swinging in and saving them, and then when he leaves they realize how much they really do need him. I'm not saying Spiderman and Jesus are anything alike but we do sometimes "forget" he is there for us, and then when he isn't moving as much in us and doing things with us, we realize how much we REALLY do need him living in us. God is everything to us and we really do need him! We need to continue to worship and praise Him for what he's doing and will do.

Is our love for Jesus "crazy" love?? Or do we just say "oh we love Him, and would so anything for Him!"...would you die on a cross for Jesus? If you didn't know Him personally, if you didn't know his life story, or anything...would you still die for Him?? Just because you love him? God knew we were sinners, he knew that technically WE should die for our sins. But that didn't stop Him from sending His only son to the cross for us! I personally find that so, amazingly crazy!! What I also find crazy is that the same people that Jesus healed their sick, gave sight to their blind men, raised their dead up from the dead...spit and laughed at Him on his way to the cross! We all put Him on the cross, we're all to was OUR sin! But that still didn't stop Him from spilling his blood for us, so that..we...may...LIVE!! ♥♥

Love...God's Way!

Do girls realize how to love?? The world is strange in its views. When a boy tells a girl he loves her, it makes her feel accepted, it fills the "void". We all have a empty spot in out heart; some people call it a void. We try to fill that space with a sorts of thing...a lot of girls fill it with love. God wants you to fill it with Him and only him. Sure its okay to have other things in your heart but nothing should be more important then God! God's love will always satisfy, it will never fail. Some boys love will most likely fail you unless its the man God picks out to be your husband!

I've made the decision to wait for the "one" guy, the perfect guy! I encourage you to do the same! Sure, you might get teased, laughed at; but wasn't God laughed at, teased and at a much bigger reason. We might be like 'oh, i don't want to be an outsider and wait for the perfect guy", but being a Christian means being an outsider, a freak. (Call it what you will)

Love isn't always nice and kind and gentle... it can be harsh! Sometimes loving can mean turning on your best friends because they you can't help them, only God can or leaving a family member who's not a christian at the cross and letting God take over. Those things can be hard but sometimes there needed to be done! God loved us enough to die on the cross and take all the pain! And that was done because of LOVE! God loves us so much that he turned his back on his son and let him die a cruel death, when he could have stopped it all in the snap of his fingers! Amazing huh? And we're afraid of what people will think or what they will say. God doesn't care heck bout those things, he cares about the soul! He cares about YOU!

So when we're having a hard time loving and loving God's way then just think about what God did for us and how much he cares about us! Filling the "void" with God is the best thing you can do! Let God hold your heart!