Friday, February 25, 2011

It's who you ARE, not what you HAVE.

Some people feel like they have to be defined by what they have or what they are getting. Or maybe what they look like... They feel like to go anywhere in life that has to be the sole purpose...its all about what you HAVE! What did Jesus have? Did he have nice clothes, have all the latest fashions, was he was part of the "in" group, and was he incredibly popular?? No, not really... it says in the bible that he hung out with sinners?? He went out of his way to hang out with them... in those days that is not what "popular" people did. Jesus didn't care one bit about what he had; he cared about what he did. Romans 8:29 says "For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his Son, so that his Son would be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters."(NLT) We are supposed to be like Jesus, so caring so much about what we have isn't getting us anywhere...

When I go to the mall, I'm constantly looking at people, and what they are wearing etc... Then I either go, "Wow, I like that look." or "Nope, not working for me." And then if I like the clothes or the style, I will probably end up buying it... Or at least wishing I had it! It's not a good mindset to have because I’m always wanting more... But sadly that’s a human mindset, always wanting what that person has, or being jealous of that person because they have it. And it’s a hard habit to break. Jesus never had that problem, ya maybe he got tempted, but he never acted on it. He was more concerned about the heart, then the body. He didn't want people to see him for what he had, but how he acted. Jesus is the perfect example of that! Sometimes we don't think we are special because we don't have the things everyone else has but we are special just the way we are. Because that’s the whole point, it's who we ARE, not what we HAVE! And that's what God is concerned about, our souls, our hearts... not how we look or what we own! And I for one am very glad of the fact! :)

God Bless! ♥♥