Me, Myself and I

My name is Amy and i'm 16 years old, in grade 11 and at Miles Mac. I love swimming, b-ball, reading, and hanging w/ friends. I was in Manta Swim Club for 3 1/2 years. i can be hyper and love to have fun! ♥ I love Chinese food, cheesecake, and burnt marshmellows! Woot! :) That's really me in only a nutshell... if you want to know all of me you'd have to meet me because I'm sometimes hard to put into words... lol

My family isb awesome! I have a older sister, Becky, who is 18. She is more like a best friend everyday, and we're way, way closer then we were when we were younger.. :) I've also got a brother. Names Nick and he's 14. I wouldn't say he's anywhere a best friend yet but he has certainly excelled at the annoying brother status! lol I also have a mum and a dad and they're the best parents around.. (but i have to say I'm bias!) Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, a lot! I won't name them all for you but I've got a big loving family and I love them all very much! ♥

I love God with all my heart! He is my Savior, my best friend, and my daddy! I love Him so much! I've known him as my savior since i was 3 and a half. But i wouldn't say I had a true, down to earth, relationship with him till i was about 13...amazingly enough! Like i knew him before but i wouldn't say i really, really knew him till like last year! Now he's like a fire in my heart, and I love him! He's awesome!!! ♥

I am a social butterfly so I wouldn't say i've got a shortage of friends. :P But my closest ones are Asha. Natalie, and Cassie! They're totally like my sisters and I love them to death! :) I've got half a million other friends and I love them all! :)

So ya thats me... sort of... Its all about me anyway.. :)

God Bless! ♥♥