Thursday, April 15, 2010

Same heart, Same God; different testimony!

This is just for fun, but I found this and I thought it amazing how innocent I was, and how...oh I don't know, not so much touched by the world! Well, here it is!

"Hi! My name is Amy Elizabeth Peters. I am almost 10! I got saved when I was 3 1/2 years old! My mum was preparing her Discovery lesson about being best friends with God and I said that I wanted to be best friends with God. And so we prayed and I confessed my sins. Then my mum prayed that I would get to know Jesus more and more and I said "and more and more and more!" Jesus is my best friend! I pray to him every day and night. He is my Savior and a helper to me. He helps me in hard times, like when I sometimes feel like following the crowd. Then Jesus reminds me of what is right! And I love him so, so much. I want to get baptized because I want to get to know Jesus more and more and I want to be more like him. I want to obey him because baptism is a command in the bible. I also want Jesus to help me obey my mum and my dad! I LOVE JESUS!!!! Thank you."

Wow, my life was And every time I read it I'm hit with the fact that I'm not that same girl. Like yes, I'm still Amy Elizabeth Peters. But I'm changed because I've experienced way, way more in the sense of the world. And some of that I regret and some I'm thankful for. God has taught me to be a stronger woman of God, he's taught me to be a fearless woman of God, and He’s taught me to love differently. He's changed my life and yes, that testimony is still in a way how I want to live my life but at the same time; I want to bring my more mature sense of God into it. I love God with all my heart, and I'm not going to change that...but my life is changed because I’m seeing it through different eyes...not those 9 and 1/2 eyes but 15 year old eyes. It’s a different world and even a different way I see God…but it’s the same God and that’s not going to change!!

God doesn't want us to stay the same, to have the same mindset and the exact way of living. He wants us to change and see him through different experiences and our faith grows through that! Our faith is founded on God and it can mature us to be stronger men and women in God. He will help us and guide us through our lives and whether our testimony is small and innocent and free of trouble or whether it is full of tests and struggles and times where God intervened...those different testimonies’s still represent the same person but just through different eyes, different times, different choices...but thankfully the exact same God! :D

God Bless♥♥

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