Tuesday, April 3, 2012

True love isn't easy, but its safe.

We fail God everyday. A day doesn't go by where we don't sin in some way. Why does God continue to love and care for us. Why does he stick around? He sticks around because even with all our failures and shortcomings, we are his children. We are sons and daughters of God, and he will never let us go. He cares too much; he's put so much into us. We could never in our wildest dreams, ever come close to loving and caring as only he does. Jesus died on that cross, he was beaten and bruised for US, because he loves us, because he wants to be with us. Jesus came to the Earth as a man. He knows the struggles and temptations out there. But he never sinned, he never gave in, he kept his eyes on his Father, kept his heart pure. That's the key, to keep our eyes and hearts on our father in Heaven. That will help us focus not on our sinful nature but on Gods ever-present love and forgiveness. We are meant to be with God in Heaven, that's his plan but we have to keep our eyes on him and him alone.

If we ever tried to love like God does, I have a feeling our hearts would pop. We aren't physically able to love to that amount. But spiritually, through God with the help of the Holy Spirit we are able to love as He does. We are able to show Jesus to other people, to be a light. Jesus didn’t say it would be easy, actually he said it would be difficult, it says in Luke 9:23,”Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” Taking up our cross isn’t easy, that isn’t something that Jesus would tell us just to make our lives easier. But it isn’t about making our lives easier; it’s about living for God to the fullest that we can. God hasn’t promised us an easy journey in life but he did promise to provide us with a safe journey. Having struggles are part of the package, we gain character by them and turn into true sons and daughters of God. God doesn’t want to leave us, but I think he also doesn’t want to baby us. That’s why he gave Adam and Eve a choice in the Garden of Eden, he wants us to choose to love him, choose to live life with him. He’s still with us every step of the way, but he also gives us the choice. And if we choose to love him, and love him completely the struggles in our lives won’t seem as hard as they did before.

“God never promises to remove us from our struggles. He does promise, however, to change the way we look at them.” -Max Lucado

God Bless <3 <3

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