Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Glory of God!

I bet we have all seen a plane in the sky with a stream of smoke coming from behind. And it leaves a long trail as it passes through the sky... Sometimes its straight, sometimes it curvy, sometimes it’s colored, but it’s always pretty cool! I just saw one that was like perfect, it was like made for Google Images! But that wasn't what caught my eye, what caught my attention was thinking that that plane it carrying people where they need to go, safely and at the same time it leaving a stream of beauty in its wake. And then I thought, Christians are sort of like that!

We, as Christians are a safe place that people can talk to because of the love of God in us. Kind of like a plane, people aren't generally scared in planes because they know that they will be taken care of. People are generally not scared to be around Christians; sure they might not always feel the same way that we do but I’m sure they feel that level of safety with us. God doesn't hide. He doesn't just come into someone’s heart and then not let himself be shown... He wants people to see him! He wants people to feel safe! And like the plane shows that stream of smoke coming from behind, Christians show Gods love to the world in the same kind of way...it’s amazing, and God's love is shown through it! You can see that stream of smoke all throughout the sky and Christians have that influence with Gods power as well.

God Bless♥♥

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