Sunday, June 26, 2011

God is life.

"Just going to stand there and watch me cry, but that’s alright because i like the way you lie, like the way you lie.”
Sin is fun. For a season, like c’mon you can do anything you want with no guilt at that moment. It feels good, fun, and enjoyable, kind of like you’re free. We don’t see the harm, the guilt that will arrive, as we are sinning. The devil loves sin, “sin all you want, but when you’re sick of it, I wont be helping you get out of it.” I’m sure that’s one of his sayings, because he loves to give us situations or places that we can sin in, and then not help us out at all, he traps us. And he will stand there and watch us cry, suffer, and call out for help. Also, in a way we like the way he lies to us. Because he makes it look good and inviting. He butters it up nicely, making it look fun. He lies through his teeth and we don’t see it, because in that time, we are having fun. It’s kind of like putting loads of dressing on veggies; veggies are healthy and then you put dressing on it and it suddenly becomes fattening and loaded with carbs. But, oh man does it not taste good? However the aftermath isn’t so sweet, we find ourselves wishing we had taken just the plain, healthy veggies, rather then the veggies that just “taste” good.

God is the opposite of the devil, just like the good guys are opposite of the bad guys, duh. He takes stuff that is good and makes it better. He adds better stuff to it, and it is still good. And the aftermath is just as good and rewarding. Sometimes the going might get tough and it will take discipline to keep on track but the end result is magnificent. God doesn’t want to destroy us, he wants to revive us. And it is a pleasure for him to do so. He loves to pick us up and dust us off and help us continue on the path he has chosen. When the going gets tough, he doesn’t just watch us cry, he comes in and wipes away our tears, gives us a hug and whispers to us how much he loves us. And God does not lie; he is honest with us, telling us what we need to hear, firmly but lovingly. And although it might be tough he does it with love; always ready to support us and stop the devil from trying to destroy us with his buttered up lies, because God wants us to prosper and to live and love. He has given us life but he doesn’t just leave us to walk it on our own, he is beside us every step of the way, never leaving us in the midst of trouble but sticking with us. When we are at the end of our rope, God is right there to catch us and help us persevere. The devil on the other hand, will just look, laugh and walk away, he could care less if we fall. If we believe his false lies, it’s our loss because he sure isn’t going to help in any way to make it better. God is our helper and will pick us up and be our strength. It’s not hard to choose, do we want life or death? Pick God, for He is our comfort, our strength, our guide, our father, and He is life.
“Just going to stand with you and comfort you. Its alright, I’ll wipe away your tears, wipe away your tears.”

God Bless♥♥

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