Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Talking to Daddy

Do ever get the feeling of just wanting to share, to talk, to tell people everything that's going on in your life! And then there's the opposite feeling; of wanting nothing to do with people and just wanting them to leave you alone. Not wanting to be with anyone or talk with anyone, just wanting to be by yourself. Sometimes that's healthy and sometimes it’s not, we just need to find a balance. And then there's just wanting to just be with your heavenly father and just spending time with him. I was wondering the other day, i wonder if Jesus went through a time in his life where he just didn't want to be around people, didn't want to talk to people or anything. And when it did look like he always want to be with people, and be around them; there was a time where Jesus just wanted to be alone and be with his father.

Just as much as us, Jesus needed time to just be with his father and spend time with him, to talk, to pray, to get things straight. When Jesus was on Earth he was a human with normal human feelings and struggles. He didn't succumb to them but he had them. And at times he just needed that extra boost from God to help him. He would go up and around and just talk to God. Talk to his daddy; tell him how it was going and such... And we need that too. We always need that extra boost from God, to get refreshed for the day. It's the most amazing thing that we can talk to God. The creator of the world, the maker of heaven and earth, and we can talk to him! It says in 1 Corinthians 1:9, that God is faithful and has "has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord." He has called YOU. We can talk to God whenever we want, we don’t have to wait for a slot to open up; we can just talk to him. And guess what? He wants to hear us too, and chat with us. He desires to talk with us. Just sitting down and talking with Daddy, telling him about your day, telling him about everything. That’s what he desires.

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