Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trusting God in everything!

We all know what it looks like when a child is being led by his mother or farther and he does not want to go where they are going! He either doesn’t want to go where they are going or he doesn’t like the look of things up ahead, or he is just being plain stubborn and refuses to move. They will dig their heels in and not move, just stick where ever they are, even if the place ahead is actually good for them, or a fun place. OR they will wander; they will wander away from the place they are supposed to go. They can’t stay in one place, they have to move. They don’t trust their parents enough just to follow and obey. We are sometimes like that with our heavenly father, unable to trust. Stubborn and strong willed, thinking we know best for ourselves.

God has chosen a path for us. It says on Psalm 16 that he has made known the path of life for us. He doesn’t keep it hidden, and unable to find it. No, he loves us and wants us to walk the path of life. But are we digging our heels in? Do we trust him to know what’s best for us? He has the perfect plan, he knows what’s ahead, and he knows every part of that path. He just wants us to take his hand and follow it, to follow him. There's a song that’s says "You make all things come together for my good." God has plans for us that are for our good, not to harm us. He's not leading us into a trap that we won’t be able to get out of. He's leading us into the path of life, yes, the path may be hard but God has it all worked out. And he won’t leave us to fend for ourselves; he is right beside us the whole way through, guiding us, leading us, and loving us.

God Bless♥♥


  1. Amazing...nice blog you'll have to help me with mine.

  2. Jenny Smith here: When I was driving home last Sunday Amy I was thinking to myself, those Peters (or Dean?) girls are some of the most responsible young people I know. Your servants hearts and your focus on others over yourselves is beyond your age....and beyond most people my age. You're a gem Amy! Great will be your reward in heaven~Thanks for all you do but mostly for being you! You're a great role model.