Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crazy Love ♥

God's love for us is crazy. We can't always imagine how crazy it really is...God's love is so crazy he is willing to die for us! Willing to hang on a cross; willing to get beaten and mocked, willing to do ALL that for us! Isn't that amazing!!! Do we ever thank him for that love? Do we ever notice how wonderful it is? Sometimes, we do but mostly just take it for granted...

Have you ever watched Spiderman? Well, in Spiderman, at one point he loses his powers. He loses his web, his sticky hands, he loses his confidence. So he "retires" from being Spiderman for a while. The people of the city are so used to see him swinging in and saving them, and then when he leaves they realize how much they really do need him. I'm not saying Spiderman and Jesus are anything alike but we do sometimes "forget" he is there for us, and then when he isn't moving as much in us and doing things with us, we realize how much we REALLY do need him living in us. God is everything to us and we really do need him! We need to continue to worship and praise Him for what he's doing and will do.

Is our love for Jesus "crazy" love?? Or do we just say "oh we love Him, and would so anything for Him!"...would you die on a cross for Jesus? If you didn't know Him personally, if you didn't know his life story, or anything...would you still die for Him?? Just because you love him? God knew we were sinners, he knew that technically WE should die for our sins. But that didn't stop Him from sending His only son to the cross for us! I personally find that so, amazingly crazy!! What I also find crazy is that the same people that Jesus healed their sick, gave sight to their blind men, raised their dead up from the dead...spit and laughed at Him on his way to the cross! We all put Him on the cross, we're all to was OUR sin! But that still didn't stop Him from spilling his blood for us, so that..we...may...LIVE!! ♥♥

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