Sunday, February 28, 2010

Love...God's Way!

Do girls realize how to love?? The world is strange in its views. When a boy tells a girl he loves her, it makes her feel accepted, it fills the "void". We all have a empty spot in out heart; some people call it a void. We try to fill that space with a sorts of thing...a lot of girls fill it with love. God wants you to fill it with Him and only him. Sure its okay to have other things in your heart but nothing should be more important then God! God's love will always satisfy, it will never fail. Some boys love will most likely fail you unless its the man God picks out to be your husband!

I've made the decision to wait for the "one" guy, the perfect guy! I encourage you to do the same! Sure, you might get teased, laughed at; but wasn't God laughed at, teased and at a much bigger reason. We might be like 'oh, i don't want to be an outsider and wait for the perfect guy", but being a Christian means being an outsider, a freak. (Call it what you will)

Love isn't always nice and kind and gentle... it can be harsh! Sometimes loving can mean turning on your best friends because they you can't help them, only God can or leaving a family member who's not a christian at the cross and letting God take over. Those things can be hard but sometimes there needed to be done! God loved us enough to die on the cross and take all the pain! And that was done because of LOVE! God loves us so much that he turned his back on his son and let him die a cruel death, when he could have stopped it all in the snap of his fingers! Amazing huh? And we're afraid of what people will think or what they will say. God doesn't care heck bout those things, he cares about the soul! He cares about YOU!

So when we're having a hard time loving and loving God's way then just think about what God did for us and how much he cares about us! Filling the "void" with God is the best thing you can do! Let God hold your heart!

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