Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let it all Go!

Sometimes we carry things in us that we got to let go. Boys, movie stars, things, food, etc... And want to hold on to those things/people as tight as we can. Well what if God wants us to hold on to him and let those things/people go??? What do we do? Well, sometimes we do, but usually we hold on tighter to those things! We like them, they make us happy! Well, God will always make us happy, we will always be content with God. Like can we get close to the "things" we like/love?? Well to a certain extent but they could break or leave us or get lost.. But guess what?? We can get as close to God as we want and he will never leave us, never break, never get lost, he'll always be there! Wow! So what makes us want to hold on to those things so much? Maybe because we can feel them, touch them, see them, and we can't really feel, touch, or see God. So we just keep them close but still have God there in case we need him...right?

Well, God wants us to develop such a love for him that it might seem like we can see him and touch him! And we can defintiely hear him! We just have to ask. God wants us to fill ours hearts full of him! Of course we can have things we like and enjoy but God doesn't want those things to consume us. He want to consume us and if we don't let him, he gets jealous! God is like a protective father or even kinda like a protective boyfriend. Have you ever had a boy get mad because you gave some attention to another guy? He gets mad, jealous. Our dads get jealous because some other guy is taking away his little girls heart and the father gets protective. Well, God is like that. He wants to be the only one! He doesn't want competition! He just wants YOU!

So, why do we fight it? Isn't there enough evedience that God wants us and loves us?? Like he died on the cross, he got whipped, beaten, spit on, mocked...all for us! For me personally that really makes me think, makes me realize that the things i'm holding on too aren't as important. So next time you dont want to let go of something/someone, give it to God and let him take care of it. God want to hold you, to love you, to let you know that your special! And let me tell you, no one or no thing on Earth can tell you that! Only God will make you feel truly special and loved! ♥♥

God Bless! ♥

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  1. Hey Amy. That's a great posting. And it even feels relevant to an adult like me, cause there are some ways that I hang on to some things too tightly. Thanks for those thoughts!