Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is it a Need or a Want??

We can't have everything we want but usually we can have everything we need! I seem to have had a sudden need for a ipod touch.... hmmmm.... Isn't weird how we think that way?? We have like everything compared to kids in Africa and we still want more! God wants us to be happy with what we have and not be always asking for more stuff we don’t really need!! Maybe next time I’m in need of a coffee, I’ll stop and think about what I can do w/ that money to help others?? But doing that doesn’t always make us happy; we’re just doing what we’re supposed to do because the Bible says it! Well, we are human so we do think like that but really we don’t always have to! God can put a yearning in our hearts to share, to give, and really we never know what could come out of that!

Do we like ever go to the mall and when we want something; do we sit down and pray? Do we ask God to tell us if we should by that? Usually we don’t…. we just go ahead with our gut feeling and either buy it or not. But I know from personal experience that buying something you just want, can lead to disappointment and feeling like you’ve wasted your money on a piece of junk…. So next time you not sure, stop and think, pray and you never know what could come out of that!

God Bless! ♥♥♥♥

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  1. This is good stuff for all us materialistic Westerners! But should Mum & I remind you of this the next time you beg us to stop at Starbucks? :)